AT&T mixes industry verticals and digital tech to brew-up new supply-chain magic

  • “Manufacturing, transportation and consumer packaged goods companies are looked at in a similar way because of the trends we see through the supply chain.
  • Enterprises in each of these vertical sectors want greater visibility into their supply chains, he says.
  • They’re trying to improve the production and efficiency, the equipment they have and the overall machinery and safety… to get that visibility into their operations and really improve throughout the supply chain.
  • The same principles – efficiency, productivity, and incalculable promise of new data insights for new business opportunities – govern digital transformation of the transport sector.
  • We’re seeing similar needs around the ability to track, provide patterns of where things are going, and even predict some events through things like the weather and what’s happening in the industry overall.
  • There is a line of interested parties, reckons van Dorselaer.

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