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  • Although national regulatory authorities (NRA) play a key role in bringing CSPs together to achieve specific consumer benefiting goals, a large challenge remains in creating natural collaboration which is often only achieved if a consortium formed with identified objectives.
  • In number portability operations, information exchange was possible between CSPs directly or via intermediary, but financial transactions or value exchange were not possible or easy.
  • This will not only help to complete the porting process faster, but securely and transparently exchange value such as prepaid balances, unpaid bill amounts and apportionment of charges or costs between operators as agreed.
  • The slow speed of the porting process is due to delay in unique porting code (UPC) generation, eligibility checks for porting by donor operator (DO) and central party mediation – such as activation, deactivation and exchange of location routing number between operators.
  • Reduced NP operational costs, conveyance and routing costs
    Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology and allows the removal of an intermediary i.e. Central DB or Clearing house.

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