Blockchain for Web 3.0: Delving into Distributed Ledgers as the Origin Point for the New Generation Internet

  • These include the likes of blockchain , Artificial Intelligence , the Internet of Things ( IoT ), as well as the likes of Augmented and Virtual Reality technology (AR/VR), with technologies making use of them in accompaniment to its stack of technology.
  • What makes these new kinds of technology so remarkable that they will help to profoundly mold the kind of interactions users will come to have with the web of the future compared to the kind of experience made possible by earlier iterations.
  • From Web 1.0, the social web evolved out of it, thus becoming what we refer to now as Web 2.0, and involved a number of exceptional advances in the way of portable/mobile based technologies, with the likes of Apple and Google Play.
  • Even though we commonly use the web or ‘web 2.0′ as a catch-all phrase for the internet that we make use of, the phrase ‘Web 3.0′ is one that has been a work in progress for some time, and originally started off as a buzz-word by the marketer and technologist Tim O’Reilly, and was used as a marketing word for Web 2.0.
  • This is what took us from web 0 to the very first version – Web 1.0, and it allowed us to have a first taste of frictionless communication and exchange of information in a way that was never before seen.

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