Blockchain Players Convene in Vietnam to Take a Fresh Look at the Future of Distributed…

  • On March 28, Blockchain startups Defi and Ontology held a joint event in Vietnam to talk about the future potential of ‘Distributed Technology’.
  • A few prominent ones were Vietnam’s local cryptocurrency exchange called BitcoinVN.Cloud, an AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange named BiBox, a decentralized and Blockchain based advertising forum called DAD, Ontology’s Global Capital and Hong Kong’s leading fintech group, Hashkey.
  • Katherine, the CEO of Defi and a panelist at the event, talked about three significant topics concerning the Blockchain space: acquisitions and investments, upcoming challenges, and industry prospects.
  • For industry challenges in 2019, Katherine mentioned that in the short run, there is a significant gap between the capital needed and the grand vision by industry players to deploy new and emerging technologies.

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