Blockchain to Protect Overseas Made in Italy Products

  • Italy has invested heavily in the field of technological innovation such as blockchain technology, smart contracts, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and others.
  • Different possible application features of blockchain and its huge potential for protection, elevation and promotion for Made in Italy products both abroad and inside the country.
  • Some of the interventions include, that of Annaluce Licheri, president of the association ‘Italy in the lead’, Licheri stressed how “blockchain technology, notarization, smart contracts, are an alternative path to prevent counterfeiting, in various sectors like fashion and food, providing the consumer guarantees of traceability and transparency during the production chain, with a credible effect on consumption.
  • According to Giuseppe Perrone, head of the Italy – Spain – Portugal Center of Excellence on the EY Blockchain, the use of the technology helps to lessen times for production processes.

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