Fetch.ai Review and Price Prediction For 2019 | CaptainAltcoin

  • One idea that recently saw the light of day could potentially solve problems in the areas of AI, IoT, transportation, and worldwide economic activity, among other things.
  • Khan Baykaner (Lead Software Engineer) – Research engineer in machine learning with experience developing deep reinforcement and generative models, solving problems in digital health, audio/video media and NLP.
  • AI on projects related to: Vehicle identity, history and data tracking Supply chain tracking, transparency, and efficiency Autonomous machine and vehicle payments Secure mobile commerce Data markets for autonomous and human driving Car sharing and ride hailing Usage-based mobility pricing and payments for vehicles, insurance, energy, congestion, pollution, and infrastructure.
  • Their model is structurally divided into three elements:
    Autonomous Economic Agents — AEAs
  • Each agent’s behavior will be “governed” by the Open Economic Framework (OEF), a combination of APIs, directories of services and agents, previous transactions, wallets and agent positions.

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