Garry Kasparov Says AI Can Make Us ‘More Human’ |

  • His loss to IBM’s Deep Blue made him the first human chess champion to lose a match to a computer.
  • That’s where we should, I think concentrate, but it also should recognize AI could do so many great things for us because what people will say, “Oh, AI creates new challenges.
  • Disruptive technology always destroys industries but at the same time, creates new jobs .
  • Again, it’s the future of human mission relations will be very much on own humans acting like shepherds because we will have to find a way to create these cool systems, the areas of narrow intelligence, where machines will do the job much better than any human.
  • is that good AI systems are driven by lots and lots of data and really great algorithms.
  • Roughly around 2004-2005, Putin’s propaganda experts, the KGB guys, they made a faithful decision of not following China by [creating] firewalls.

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