Integrating Blockchain Tech and Internet of Things in Italy

  • Apart from being completely applicable to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain and internet of things (IoT) enthusiasts in Italy and the rest of the world see innovative technologies as a fundamental change in information management.
  • Because of its effectiveness, DLT was recently launched in textile and tanning industry to protect Made in Italy finished goods from being counterfeited.
  • Many countries on this universe including Italy, are shifting their goal posts towards innovative technologies such as machine learning, smart contracts, IoT, DLT, artificial intelligence (AI) and many more.
  • The basic decentralized, independent, and trustless facets of the technology make it appropriate to be used in a series of scenarios like Smart Grid; Smart Home; Smart Industries; and Smart City.
  • The two can be used in tracking products, making contracts, conducting quality certification in fintech, used in shipping documentation to lower supply chain delay risks, and I the settlement automatization.

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