Promoted content: Machine vision, AI, blockchain and IoT are revolutionising supply chains

  • Accenture has worked with Thales to create an innovative, blockchain-based solution that provides a single, shared view of the supply chain (Image: Iaremenko via istock)Many manufacturers have to deal with a significant legacy of largely manual, paper-based processes for managing the supply, assembly and in-service support of the parts they need.
  • Few – if any – manufacturers operate with a single system of record that can provide the integrity, accuracy and reliability of data about parts that can be made available securely where and when they’re needed.
  • For example, solutions are emerging which use machine vision and AI combined with a conventional smartphone to be a very powerful tool for capturing a unique and accurate identity and subsequent record for each and every part of even the most complex assets.
  • These ‘digital threads’ provide the connecting tissue between manufacturers, suppliers, partners and operators – with everyone working with a single version of the truth.
  • So, for example, the enhanced ability to share accurate and reliable data in real time means every aspect of an asset’s lifecycle can be monitored.

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