Advancement of Technology into Mining : Rise of AI

  • Constant Fluctuation of commodity prices affecting cash-flow , accidents in mines resulting in deaths(Indian mines are notorious) , Perception of miners as Greedy Corporate Organizations have been the classic problems of mining industry.
  • Predictive maps generate the possible locations of the mine ore’s by taking known Ore locations as input data.
  • Digital Twin, an advanced simulation tool enables people to take value driven decisions from mine to board.
  • Utilizing the robots with X-Ray fluorescent and X-Ray diffraction scanners enables people in control room to adjust the mining operations to make sure it targets the richest part of copper vein improving productivity and eliminating the risk of sending the geologist to the just blasted mine face.
  • Visualization across the entire production chain from mine to market brigs a lot of value by enabling people to make value driven decisions by looking at real time data.

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